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HarperCollins Authors and Illustrators Respond to the Passing of Maurice Sendak

@neilhimself: Remembering the first Maurice Sendak book I read - In the Night Kitchen. Remembering reading Outside Over There to @hollyherself every night

@heroinebook: Sad about Maurice Sendak’s passing this morning, but so glad he gave us all he did.

@RL_Stine: A sad day in children’s books and for the world. I just learned that Maurice Sendak has died.

@Chuck_Hogan: Sendak on loved ones dying: “They leave me and I love them more.” That’s it right there.

@MercerMayer: To a great man, Maurice Sendak, who has had such influence on children’s literature. Let us honor him and his wonderful works.

@maureenjohnson: Just joining in on the many messages that have said the sad words: RIP Maurice Sendak. You, sir, were awesome.

@krisriggle: RIP Maurice Sendak. The first word my son could read was “Max” because of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

@gayleforman: My #sendak memory is a plate of warm food, left for me, under any circumstances, always seemed more inviting after a return from the wild.

@mental_floss: ”I don’t write for children,” Maurice Sendak told Stephen Colbert. “I write. And somebody says, that’s for children.”

@JacksonPearce: I am sad about Maurice Sendak. I do not know how to express my sad. #sad

@LindseyKelk: Maurice Sendak died? That’s pretty effing sad. Someone has alerted Stephen Colbert, yes?

@ate_did: Maurice Sendak. A great.

@JocelynnDrake: Sleep deep, Maurice Sendak. Thank you for the Wild Things, Little Bear, and so much more.

@krissygasbarre: Rest in peace, Maurice Sendak :( Thank you for the adventures.

@dallasclayton: Maurice Sendak. Magical human.

@KathleenBolton: I break twitter silence to mourn Maurice Sendak. RIP to one of my inspirations.

@thunderchikin: Good sailing, Mr. Sendak. May your dinner still be warm when you reach the other shore.

@kennethcdavis: A great loss. Maurice Sendak dies at 83. 

@SideshowAmi: Dear Maurice, may you always dwell where the wild things are. Thanks for the rumpus Mr. Sendak. #RIP

@abstractsunday: Terrible news: the wonderful Maurice Sendak, illustration and story telling hero has died.

@bengreenman: Anyone who is or was a child should spend a few minutes today thinking about Maurice Sendak. 

@TessaDare: I’m just heartbroken to hear that Maurice Sendak has died.

@DeliaEphron: Maurice Sendak RIP. “There must be more to life than having everything.” Jennie the dog in Higglety Pigglety Pop!

@SaraJBenincasa: Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak.

@ElissaSchappell: MS’ “Nutshell Library” still dwells in the bookshelf by my bed. RIP Wild Thing hope you’re supping on Chicken soup w/rice #MauriceSendak

@V_Rossibooks: “And Max, the king of all wild things, was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.” #ripmauricesendak

@DerektheGhost: RIP Maurice Sendak - thank you for making us all love not only monsters, but also monster dancing.

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