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First Things First: Brioche

One of the many great things about “Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches” is that it has recipes and information about lots of stuff besides just putting things between two slices of white bread.   There are sections about dessert, condiments, open faced sandwiches, and of course a section covering how to make good sandwich bread.  I made rolls from the brioche recipe for, you guessed it,  sandwiches.   The brioche rolls are VERY tasty, and as we will see in a later post, a good vehicle for French toast as well.

Emeril’s recipe involves using a mixer with a dough hook and letting the dough sit overnight.  I followed the recipe as exactly as I could, and all of the things he said would happen did happen.  The recipe calls for mixing the dough in your mixer for 20 minutes.  It is sticky, then it completely falls apart, then it comes back together.  When it is together, it gets really heavy and sticks to the hook which makes the mixer work pretty hard.  After that, there is what I thought of as the fun part where you get to mix in the butter bit by bit.  It’s kind of an adventure if you haven’t done it before.  I can’t imagine how in the heck one would make brioche dough without a mixer.  You’d have to be as strong as a gorilla. 

After an overnight visit to the fridge, the dough balls are left out to rise for 2 hours.  After they rise, they are brushed with egg wash.  

The end product, seen above, is not only very good looking, but really flavorful and rich.  They were just plain heaven when fresh out of the oven with a little bit of butter.   Mmmmm- MMMMMM!

I will be using the brioche rolls for at least one other recipe, and hopefully for two.


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Mmmm. Beautiful brioche!

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